Pay Per Click (PPC)

Click On Cost-Effective, Measurable Results

It is revealed from many-a-Internet user surveys that if your website fails to feature on the first page of search engine rankings, around 40% of your target customers are lost and this means a 40% loss in potential business. If this loss in ranking happens to be for major keywords then it defeats the purpose of a website. We understand this and provide Pay Per Click Advertising Solutions wherein you can increase the visibility of your website by displaying advertisements for specific keywords on Search Engine Pages.

SNK Driving Web Traffic Your Way

We at SNK with our Pay Per Click Advertising Solutions increase the reach of your website and traffic that is diverted to it by manifolds. Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign incorporates proprietary technology that ensures you feature high on search engine pages when users conduct searches.

Top Placement, Network Distribution

In addition to featuring your ad exclusively on the top meta search engine, SNK with its insistent PPC services makes your ad visible on various websites that are related to or talk about the business you are into in the form of blogs, articles, reviews, etc.

Bid for the Best

Bidding is a master key to PPC Advertising. SNK follows PPC best practices and meticulously bids for keywords which work for your business to boost traffic with minimal cost.

SNK’s PPC Advertising Services

We manage your PPC advertising across top tier Search Engines- including Google, Yahoo and MSN. Our job is to bring new customers to your business.

Our responsibilities include:

  • Daily Maintenance of PPC Advertising Budget
  • Generation of PPC Keyword baskets that suit your business needs
  • Creating competitive and specific ad copies that attract internet users
  • Reviewing and analyzing clicks received
  • Monitoring and reporting PPC advertising
  • Maintaining PPC bids and top keyword rankings
  • Analyzing online advertising to increase ROI
  • Ongoing maintenance and PPC advertising optimization

Modifying listings to increase conversion rates